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Grain Inspection Assistant

210000RA Requisition #


            1.1       Under supervision, to render to customers and Grain Inspectors, commodity inspection services which are timely, safe, legal, ethical, and effective; to perform the necessary volume measurements, temperature measurements, sampling, calculations, documentation, and reporting which ensure that the customer receives an independent, accurate, and complete assessment of quantity and quality of material.



2.1       To assist in the preparation and organization of grain inspection jobs so that services are rendered, and reports and samples are submitted, in a timely manner.

2.2       To attend commodity material movements involving loading and unloading of rail cars or trucks.

2.3       To perform routine equipment calibration, verification, and function checks.

2.4       Under supervision, to perform, by specified methodology, visual observation, volume measurement, temperature measurement, and sampling of commodity materials contained or conveyed in railcars or trucks.

2.5       To communicate and coordinate with loading facilities and Intertek grain inspection personnel to promote the smooth exercise of duties assigned.

 2.6       To verify and communicate the results obtained, and to make the entries into the appropriate media, whether print or electronic, required ensuring the validity and traceability of the information. 

2.7       To maintain work areas, records, and equipment in a clean, organized, and functional condition.

2.8       To assist in the monitoring of the availability of supplies needed for the above processes.

2.9       To participate in the inspection, quality system application by utilizing approved online and printed materials and/or materials supplied by Intertek management.

2.10     To carry out the above responsibilities, and all others which may be assigned, in a manner demonstrating support for and adherence to the Company’s Safety Policy and Procedures, Quality Policy and Procedures, Ethics Policy, Environmental Management System, Vision and Strategy, and to exercise good judgment, common sense, and diplomacy in so doing.


5.1       The Assistant Grain Inspector must have a grasp of basic mathematics and computer skills, and must, in the opinion of the hiring authority, be trainable in the practical aspects of the job.  The Assistant Grain Inspector must evidence a reasonable degree of grading experience and knowledge as determined to be acceptable by the Branch Manager.

5.2       The Assistant Grain Inspector must be physically able to do the work required, and cannot have fear of heights or of confined spaces.

5.3       The Assistant Grain Inspector should have a positive attitude, a high tolerance for job pressure and the ability for working and communicating with persons of diverse personalities and backgrounds.